How to Submit an Order Successfully.

Follow the steps below to order successfully. We rely solely on these rules to flag out unscrupulous customers thereby maintaining safety for the serious customers and ourselves.

How to Order!

Ordering is simple, choose your desired products, enter your delivery address on the checkout page, submit your order, and make the payment. All payment must be made the same day as the order was submitted.

How to Pay

We accept Bitcoin and Gift Cards mostly, we might also accept other payment methods. The payment methods listed on the checkout page are the only payment methods we accept at that moment.

Order Delivery

We can literally send to any location, you can order from anywhere so no need to start a LiveChat with “Can you ship to….” Delivery ranges from same-day delivery to 5 days delivery.

Frequently Ask Question

See the frequently asked question FAQ page. See the answers to questions that have been asked by other buyers before. You can always check out the FAQ page before contacting us, you might just see the answer to your questions.

Follow these 4 rules below

Follow the rules below to submit your order successfully.

No Time Wasting

Keep it short and simple, no going back and forth nor moving in circles. All information you need for a successful order is right here on the website. You can submit an order without contacting us if you wish. Serious buyers only!


Because of our low prices, many customers seek to deal with us but our human resource is inadequate so we prefer being straight to the point. We have made it possible for customers to purchase anonymously without contacting us.

Only Order When Ready

All payments must be completed the same day the order is placed. Customers who submit an order and fail to complete their payment the same day will, unfortunately, be permanently prohibited by our system.


When an order is submitted, the package is reserved pending payment. When many orders are submitted unscrupulously, large bulks get reserved, this forces some products out of stock when they technically are still available. This causes scarcity for other customers who might need it urgently.


Do not ask us to disclose information on our internal operations. This information includes our Grow location, Our Packaging Secret, and information on other customers. We are open to any other questions.


We cannot share any customers’ information with a third party no matter. We will equally not share any information about our operations with anyone. We will equally never ask for any personal information about you. This ensures anonymity for you and ourselves.

No, Meet up/Consignment

No meet-up nor fronting for first-time customers. We will only meet up or send consignments to customers who have made a substantial previous purchase with us. Please do not try to insist otherwise.


For obvious safety reasons, we deal with new customers at a distance through shipping. This is safer for everyone. If we both respect each other’s interests and keep the process simple, everything will go smoothly and we will do long-term business together.