How to Pay With Bitcoin and Altcoin

Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies (altcoins) are the best payment method that we accept here. because of its anonymity.  Follow the steps below to buy and use bitcoin easily.

How to Buy Bitcoin

Obtaining bitcoin takes three super easy steps which are..

-Downloading a Bitcoin Wallet,

-Finding a Merchant where to buy the Bitcoin, and

-Making the payment in exchange for Bitcoin.

How to Buy Bitcoin

Downloading a Bitcoin Wallet

A bitcoin wallet is simply a software that helps you to send, receive or store bitcoin.  The two Bitcoin Wallet we recommend is EXODUS and BLOCKCHAIN. 

 To install a Bitcoin Wallet, go Google Play Store or iPhone’s App Store, search for your preferred wallet and click on install. Installing a Bitcoin wallet takes less than 2 minutes.


As soon as you install your exodus wallet, you are ready to start receiving, storing or sending bitcoin. You do not need to sign up.

As for Blockchain Wallet, you will need an email address to sign up before  getting started.

Bitcoin Wallet Address

All Bitcoin Wallets have a Send and Receive Button. To receive bitcoin, click on the receive button and you will see a line of code that looks like this; 1oMzZCfiUqfXLXPMTLZ7DbSpnKN8Y1m66, the code is your Bitcoin Wallet address. You must send this code to anyone who wants to send bitcoin to your wallet..

Above an example of a  bitcoin wallet address. See it like your home address, you have to give it to anyone who wants to send you a package. If you want to send out bitcoin, you’ll need the receiver’s wallet address too.

Finding Where to Buy Bitcoin.

There are many bitcoin merchant out there. We will name a few of them below. You can buy bitcoin through this merchants or any other merchant that you trust.

Buying Bitcoin in the United States

There are a few places to consider when you are buying bitcoin in the United States, they are Gemini, LocalCryptos, Local.Bitcoin, EasyCrypto.

Click here to buy bitcoin on Gemini

Click on the get started button and follow through easily. Link a Bank account for easier payment.

Click here to Buy Bitcoin on CashApp

Download the CashApp, sign up, link a bank account or credit card, add funds from your bank account to CashApp and then use the funds to buy bitcoin.

Click here to Buy Bitcoin on

Swan Bitcoin is a bitcoin progressive saving platform but you can also choose to buy an withdraw instantly. It is very fast and reliable.

Find Local Bitcoin Vendors on

Go to   to and find a vendor in your location, chat with the vendor and arrange a meeting place. Meet up in person a do the exchange. If Bitcoin is scarce for your location, you can also look for Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum vendors in your location. We accept those too.

Buying Bitcoin in Canada

Here are 2 places to consider when you are buying bitcoin in Canada; Bitpay and Shakepay

Click here to Buy Bitcoin on Bitpay

Simply sign up on bitpay, link up a bank account of credit card and buy your bitcoin.

Click her to Buy Bitcoin on Shakepay

On, you can buy bitcoin in 10 minutes if you are in Canada. Sign up, verify your identity and buy.

Buying Bitcoin in in Europe, U.K and Australia

Here are 2 places to consider when you are buying bitcoin in Europe, United Kingdom and Australia

Click here to Buy Bitcoin on Binance

Once on Binance, Click Buy Crypto”on the top left corner, choose your preferred payment method, sign up and buy bitcoin.

Click her to Buy Bitcoin on Kraken

On Kraken, you can follow the same Bitcoin Buying steps as all other bitcoin merchants, you will receive your Bitcoin instantly.

How to Make Payment with Bitcoin

When you have bitcoin available in your wallet, you can then use it to make your payment on WeedMany.

1. Choose Your Product

Choose the product you want to buy, add to cart and then proceed to checkout.

On the checkout page, select bitcoin as payment option and click on place order.

2. Bitcoin Payment Page

When you click on place order, you will be directed to the bitcoin payment page.

On the bitcoin payment page, you’ll see the Bitcoin address to use in making the payment as well as the amount to be paid in Bitcoin.

3. Making the Payment

Open YOUR bitcoin wallet and Click on the Send button.

Copy Both the Bitcoin address and payment amount on the payment page and paste it in your wallet one after the other. Click on Send and you are done.

How to Pay with Altcoins - Other Crypto Currencies.

Altcoins are other Cryptocurrencies apart from bitcoin.  The Altcoins we accept are Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash, and Litecoin. To make the payment with Altcoin, you must have it available in your wallet. To pay with Altcoin, Submit your order with bitcoin and contact us. We will then send you the link to use.

1. Choose Your Product

Choose the product you want to buy, add to cart and then proceed to check out.

On the check out page, select Altcoin as payment option. Select which cryptocurrency you’ll like to use from the dropdown menu.

2. On the Checkout page

Once you select the cryptocurrency, the corresponding Wallet Address and Amount will load.

The Altcoin address might not be completely visible but do not worry, just click on the Box in which the Wallet Address is found and the complete address will be copied automatically.

3. Completing the Payment

Open YOUR the corresponding Altcoin Wallet which should either be Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash.

Copy Both the Altcoin address and payment amount from the checkout page and paste it in your Wallet one after the other.

 Enter your transaction Id and complete order. The transaction ID can be found in your Wallet’s “Activities” Section.